The River2Sea Revolution

The River2Sea Revolution

A decade has now passed since the River2Sea brand was first introduced to the Australian market. With its humble beginnings of 10 lure bodies it has now spread to approx 400 different styles and sizes. Some of these are already icons in the fishing scene. A giant leap forward in 10 years and product development still the number one priority together with ever improvements to quality and finish.

The appeal has spread worldwide with River2Sea brand products now sold in the USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Italy, Greece, Turkey, France, Spain and Latvia and most certainly more markets in the pipeline.

The brand philosophy remains stead fast as from the outset of Best Action – Best Finish – Best Quality – Best Price at all times. Be part of the River2Sea Revolution and fish with a River2Sea lure.
Check also for more info the River2Sea USA website.

River2Sea European Push. River2Sea has set his sights on Europe and formed a Netherlands-based company to sell their lures. They will be looking to recruit experts in their fields who can help to design lures that will be succesful on their waters. River2Sea’s goal is to have their ownEuropean line of lures suitable for pike, perch and zander fishing. A website will be launched soon.

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